Contaminated land environmental consultants

Welcome to Adeptus Environmental Consultants

Adeptus provides environmental consultancy, reporting and project management services on a national basis from our offices in the North West. Our multidisciplinary team of environmental consultants  is equipped to advise on projects of any type and size. Many of our clients operate  within the sectors shown below, where we strive to find the most cost effective way to meet their objectives.

Phase 1 Desk Study Reports

Desktop studies, assessments and site investigation reports for the identification of environmental risk, potential abnormal costs, discharge of planning conditions and in support of EIA or planning applications.

Environmental risk assessment ecotoxicology

Assessing the impacts of chemical exposure on human health and the environment. Fate, behavior and toxicological evaluation for the registration and approval of chemical products.

Contaminated land remediation

Where investigations have determined the regulatory definition of contaminated land is met, we ensure technically robust assessment and cost-effective remediation through pragmatic technical solutions, clear communication and stakeholder management.

Environmental reports, monitoring & sampling

Establishing and monitoring regulatory compliance with respect to chemical contaminants in effluent, air, soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater. Promoting efficiency and sustainability through environmental best practice.

Planning condition

Private individuals, architects and developers of all sizes rely on our focused, cost effective site investigation and reporting services.

Environmental management and compliance

Environmental auditing, compliance and monitoring services for industrial and commercial clients. Environmental permitting consultancy, risk assessments and management systems.

Tractor land spreading

Providing environmental compliance advice and the range of assessments required for the authorisation of land spreading, anaerobic digestion and composting plants.

Phase 1 environmental site assessment

Surveyors, lenders and conveyancers use our services to identify the environmental liabilities associated with a site, enabling informed property investment or divestment decisions.

Landfill gas-leachate monitoring

Environmental permitting, site assessment and monitoring services for minerals extraction, landfill operators, waste transfer stations and recovery facilities.

CE Marking structural steel (EN1090)

Assisting main contractors and specialist subcontractors to manage environmental impacts, compliance, quality, efficiency, cost saving and prequalification.

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