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Adeptus is a specialist environmental consultancy advising on important technical and regulatory issues related to pollution, environmental risk, sustainability and efficiency.

Our team of environmental scientists and engineers combines rigorous postgraduate academic training with a wealth of experience in both environmental consultancy and contracting. This enables us to better appreciate our clients? objectives, the risks they face and constraints they work within. No two sites, projects or clients are quite the same, and we pride ourselves on our resourceful approach to developing innovative practical solutions that meet client requirements in terms of cost, quality and reliability.

Our core business is the investigation, risk assessment and treatment of contaminated soil and waters. Many of the challenges encountered in quantifying and characterising the risks from subsurface contamination remain at the leading edge of current understanding. In the case of historical contamination, such challenges are often compounded by natural processes taking place over decades, and the lack of historical regulation. With many years experience, our team are experts in negotiating overcoming such challenges via the most efficient means available.

We also assist clients in the areas of pollution prevention and control, and in developing environmental, energy and quality management systems. The scientific principles and methods that we use assessing and resolving legacy issues also form the basis for much modern regulation of industrial emissions and pollution incidents. Environmental fate, behavior and risk assessment methods are applied within a range of such regulatory frameworks. In this context, these are often carried out proactively rather than retrospectively, to enable suitable measures to be put in place and prevent future environmental degradation. Our work is always carried out in line with current best practice standards and prevailing regulation. Through a network of trusted associates we are also able to assemble project teams for the delivery of complex projects requiring a broad spectrum of expertise relating to the natural and built environments.






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